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Project Description

The converged future.

Delight Your Customers with a Unified Fixed and Mobile Voice Solution

The way we approach communications is changing rapidly and organisations are fast discovering that there’s a growing need for agility.

With the increase in the use of mobile devices over traditional handsets, the boundaries between fixed and mobile communications are blurring.

Seamless communication with customers can help your business to increase staff productivity and maintain a focus on the delivery of great customer service. Organisations are discovering that to meet customer demands, they need to combine the best of both fixed and mobile communications into one converged solution.That’s where this e-guide comes in. Exploring the ways that SMEs can benefit from a converged future, the guide includes insights into features like:

  • Geographical numbers
  • Apps across both fixed and mobile
  • Business class voicemail
  • Data sharing

Our guide also delivers an introduction to some of the the key drivers of convergence. It covers what your business could achieve using fixed and mobile phone systems. We want to help you to compete with the competition, by offering a fully-converged mobile solution.

Download the guide to learn more about the benefits of convergence and delivering against your mobile requirements with Unify. 

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