“Sorry, who’s just joined?”

By Simon Furber

Love them or loathe them, conference calls are a vital tool. Among other things, they:

  • Enable flexible working, unlocking pools of talent and improving work/life balance;
  • Allow you to work more closely with your customers and partners;
  • Bring teams together across geographies;
  • Reduce the environmental harm of unnecessary travel.

However, are they also an easy gateway into your business’ innermost thoughts and your most exciting plans?

A Lesser Considered Security Risk

You may have firewalls, access control and encryption processes in place, but how often are your conferences secured by the host asking an anonymous beep “who’s just joined?” and hoping for a response?

That beep may be your competitor trying to outflank you in a bid, it may be a journalist looking for a story or it could be someone with even more sinister intent. The content of your call is going to be of value (if it isn’t, why hold it?) – whether it be that you’re agreeing bid tactics, planning organisational change, the approval of a new product design or discussing sensitive customer data. You wouldn’t leave the security of this information at risk in any other scenario, so why do it on a conference call?

Customer Data

With GDPR and its consequences looming, there’s loads to think about, but suffice it to say that in the interests of guaranteeing data security, your conferencing must form part of your privacy posture.

The Solution

Refreshing your approach to audio and video conferencing can give you back control and address this issue, as you will:

  • Know exactly who is listening in;
  • Have the ability to mute individuals (handy when Bob’s in a café and hasn’t done it himself);
  • Be able to share documents in a secure locker, able to be viewed but not removed;
  • Self-manage the call with easy to use tools.

If you could have all of this, on any device, combined with global toll-free access and financially underwritten 99.999% availability…. wouldn’t you feel a little more comfortable on your next conference call? I know that I do.


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