Unified Communications Transformation in a Regulated Environment

Why UC in the Cloud?

Unified Communications tools offer major benefits to businesses. With a UC system in place, employees become more collaborative, more efficient and happier. In most cases, cloud telephony is the best option. With cloud-based UC tools, organisations can enjoy a range of benefits inherent to the cloud – better cost-savings, superior data access, greater reliability, more time to spend on bigger-picture projects. There’s also the possibility of real-time analytics and insight into UC performance.

For businesses that hope and expect to expand, the ideal UC solution must be scalable and flexible. In such cases, cloud-based UC systems are usually the best bet. Pay for the services you need, as you need them and increase these services when necessary.

This all makes for a compelling argument, but what if your organisation is operating in an environment with more regulatory restrictions?

UC Transformation Event

Achieving Regulatory Compliance with your Communications

The world is growing ever more complex, and compliance regulations have made reliable communications recording a crucial facet of any enterprise transformation strategy.

However, recording today involves far more than capturing calls – modern enterprises need to include IM, video, desktop screens, app/screen sharing, white-boarding, file transfer, SMS and other types of electronic communication in their considerations. In order to effectively equip your organisation with the data and insights you need, the modern enterprise must proactively capture everything.

Look for Flexible Technology and a Supportive Partner

Whilst you may not find a single platform that can manage both the UC and recording sides of things, an integrated solution can help you to fulfil recording requirements, ensure your information is protected and prevent compliance failures before they happen.

Pairing a flexible, scalable Unified Communications in the Cloud platform (like Fuze) with a call recording solution like Verint InfoVault can ensure your organisation remains fully compliant whilst simultaneously transforming your communications environment. By introducing UC in the cloud as part of your wider transformation and compliance strategy, you can increase workforce productivity, deliver enhanced mobility and ensure seamless call recording.

Having a partner to support you on your transformation journey can make things much smoother. Specifically, when considering the compliance side of things, partners can work to create effective solutions to your organisation’s specific concerns (i.e. activities like bespoke alerting to send immediate notifications in the event of a recording failure). Helping your organisation to roll out transformation at a pace that suits you and meeting the needs of all parties, a partner can work to effectively bridge the gaps between a UC platform and the recording solution.

Unify are experts in providing enterprise level Unified Communications in the cloud, and we can work with a range of organisations to deliver richer functionality whilst meeting required regulations, laws and high standards of compliance and security.