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Project Description

Putting Agents in Charge of the Omni-Channel Customer Experience

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Putting the power in their hands…

Improving agent productivity and utilisation is no longer the number one factor influencing contact centre WFO activities. Instead, contact centre leaders are tasked with improving the quality of customer interactions.

Agents and their desktops are the gateway for organisations to truly differentiate themselves when it comes to the customer experience. Considering that agents spend 14% of their time looking for data across different enterprise systems during each client interaction, access to effective technology tools has a direct impact on agent productivity and performance.

This report illustrates the business value of deploying agent desktop optimisation (ADO) programs when it comes to both enhancing agent productivity and improving the customer experience as we’ve mentioned above – it also talks about empowering agents with timely and relevant insights, in order to help them do their job more effectively. ADO programs are about more than just agent desktop management technology and tools. The term also refers to putting organisational efforts in place to facilitate an easier and more integrated use of the agent desktop, thus increasing agent productivity.

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