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Project Description

Stand out from the crowd and compete with the competition to offer a fully-converged mobile solution.

Mobile technology today is ubiquitous. From board directors to graduate trainees, people at all levels in business make use of mobile on a daily basis. And it is enabling better working. So much so that 83% of businesses notice an increase in productivity from employees using mobile when away from their desks. But even as mobile’s benefits are acknowledged, many businesses are not making the most of its full potential. In almost every business, travelling or remote staff will experience voice, data and app connectivity issues, with the result that staff are either not contactable or unable to work. IT bears the brunt of these problems and the company suffers reputational, and perhaps commercial, damage through missed calls and unhappy customers.

For businesses to succeed in a mobile-defined future, they will need to address the big questions the technology faces, from the mobile workforce and mobile convergence. Our cloud business phone systems  can help you to satisfy all of your fixed and mobile telephony requirements.

As a business leader, you want to get the most from your mobile service and make a real difference to the workplace. Whilst balancing your requirements is easy when choosing a phone for personal use, company-wide decisions need to factor in many different user needs. Things can quickly get complicated – which is why we’ve tried to make it easier with our e-guide. We want to help you get the most from your investment in mobile.

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