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The Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Centre Solutions

“71% of respondents stated that cloud-based contact centre solutions had given a cheaper overall cost of ownership of their contact centre technology. 68% experienced more powerful extended functionality in a cloud-based environment.”

The Inner Circle Guides are a series of analyst reports investigating key customer contact solutions. This Guide aims to give a detailed and definitive view of the reality of the implementing and using cloud contact centre technologies – including an appraisal of the vendors and products available and a view on what the future holds. Increasingly, organisations are discovering that silos within the organisation and a lack of integrated information systems are the two biggest obstacles standing in the way of improving the customer experience. That’s where this guide comes in. Exploring the ways that contact centres can benefit from cloud transformation, this resource includes insights into commonly asked questions like:

  • “Is it best to wait until we can move everything to the cloud, or should we do it bit-by-bit?”
  • “What sort of assurances and guarantees should we look for from a cloud provider in terms of security and performance?”
  • “Where do the biggest cost savings come from? How can we show that there’s a real ROI from moving to cloud?”
  • “What do the most successful cloud customers have in common?”

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