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Engaging customers through actionable intelligence. Empower your workforce and boost employee satisfaction with modern tools to help simplify their jobs and deliver exceptional experiences to your customers. Verint’s software delivers crucial insights and enabling you to anticipate, respond and take action.

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What is Actionable Intelligence?

We’re all familiar with the call centre mantra “calls may be recorded for training and monitoring”. But what if you could analyse and capture crucial insights from all calls, interactions and processes? This is Actionable Intelligence.

It enables organisations to make more informed decisions by capturing large amounts of information from numerous data types and sources. Automated analysis gleans insights from the information and the resulting intelligence helps optimise customer engagement.

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Actionable intelligence WFO
Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Planning shifts isn’t just about numbers anymore; it’s about which agents should be where and when, based on both their skillset and the forecast for demand – all based on valuable previous insights. With Verint WFM, you can easily plan, forecast and schedule your team to help achieve targets, maximise capacity, reduce costs and increase revenue across contact centre and back-office operations.

  • Work: Manage work of different types with different service level expectations.
  • People: Manage availability of people in different locations along with their skills, proficiencies and preferences and work rules.
  • Processes: Gain visibility into how work is being done and the status of work items.
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Additional WFO Elements

Desktop and Process Analytics: Analyse employee desktop activity and gain operational intelligence. Optimise productivity and capacity, improve processes, and help ensure compliance.

Performance Management, Coaching and e-Learning: Empower employees and managers with visibility into performance to elevate employee skills. Coach your teams to help them process transactions flawlessly and delight customers.

Robotic Process Automation and Process Assistant: Automate repetitive, rules-based tasks and provide guidance to employees in real time to help increase productivity, reduce errors, and improve the customer experience.

Work Manager: Boost productivity and meet service delivery goals by prioritising the work of individual employees, so they can focus on the right activities at the right time.

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WFO elements
Engagement Analytics

Engagement Analytics

With Engagement Analytics, you can analyse 100% of your recorded calls, email, web chat, social media, surveys and customer forums to uncover valuable intelligence. Search for words, phrases, categories and themes to reveal trends, opportunities and training needs.

Engagement Analytics will:

  • Enhance contact centre performance by reducing call times and repeat calls.
  • Discover customer insights into satisfaction, business issues, competitive intelligence, marketing campaigns and more.
  • Reduce churn by predicting at-risk customers and highlighting root causes.
  • Improve quality and agent performance by processing large samples and specific call types.
  • Provide targeted coaching by analysing agent performance.
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Automated Quality Management

Efficiently select large numbers of omnichannel interactions to analyse and evaluate performance. It’s a practical way to gain broader insight than randomly sampling smaller numbers of interactions.

And now you can automate the entire quality management process, from scoring evaluations to assigning coaching. The solution can automatically score up to 100 percent of your recorded calls. It can also enable you to shift resources from scoring and other manual quality monitoring tasks to higher value activities.


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