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Transforming the way contact centres achieve their customer experience goals. Omnichannel routing, Workforce Optimisation, Analytics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence, on an Open Cloud Foundation.


Powering the world’s No.1 cloud customer experience platform, NICE inContact is recognised as a market leader by Gartner, IDC, Frost & Sullivan, Ovum and DMG. With the proven experience and expertise in implementing cloud-based contact centre solutions to help organisations delight their customers, NICE inContact deliver a unified omnichannel experience with true integrated reporting across channels. 

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Unify are Certified NICE inContact Implementation partners – meaning we are perfectly equipped to help deploy NICE inContact into your business.

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About NICE inContact

Used in over 100 countries

SLA of 99.99%

14 years in the cloud

315,000 cloud contact centre agents

A true unified cloud platform

  • Increase and reduce size with full elasticity to address immediate operational needs in a pay-as-you-go model
  • Focus energy on customer experience innovation, rather than on infrastructure integrations
  • Connect customer journeys in a highly personalised way across all channels
  • Turn smart, state-of-the-art analytics insight into results in real time
  • Unlock employee potential and engage, motivate and optimise the workforce
  • Streamline processes and interactions using machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotic automation
Cloud Contact Centre Software
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Better way to communicate

Omnichannel Routing

Quickly add new channels, features, agents, locations and routing changes. Connect your customers to the right agent across any channel – seamlessly.

Digital – Over 30 native digital channels, including email, web chat, social media, SMS, mobile apps and more.

Voice – Inbound, Outbound and blended.

Extensible – Routing for cases, fax, postal/direct mail.

Deliver a true digital-first omnichannel customer experience and easily adjust routing functionality regardless of channel.

Includes features like:

  • Interaction Channels
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Workforce Optimisation

Workforce Management | Quality Management | QM Analytics | Performance Management

Unlock the potential of your team with the industry’s most accurate forecasting, and reduce labour waste whilst magnifying your quality management efforts.

Improve your customer experience by achieving your NPS/CSAT/CES and other key quality objectives. Increase customer retention and improve customer loyalty by detecting dissatisfaction and turning bad experiences around.

Increase your agent engagement and retention whilst decreasing superior overload. Deliver better experiences for your agents and empower them to perform.

Pinpoint efficiency opportunities and implement repeatable solutions. Reduce headcount requirements to achieve service level objectives and lower repeat call volume by identifying and resolving process issues.

A solution that helps your organisation to develop a better sense of employee ownership and accountability whilst minimising administrator effort and improving the customer journey.

Better way to communicate
Better way to communicate


Interaction Analytics | Reporting | Performance Management

Turn insights into results and make your data relevant, easy to consume and actionable. Drive measurable improvements and foster better decision-making at all levels to achieve employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and other strategic business decisions.

Better decision making – ensure everyone has the relevant information they need to make informed decisions and understand and target the drivers of business outcomes to create improvement. Create a culture of continuous improvement and accountability whilst pinpointing the improvement opportunities that have the largest impact or happen most often.

Gain insights from every interaction – analyse your customer interactions to get a complete view of where improvements are needed. Improve your agent performance by identifying improvement opportunities personalised to the individual agent needs and delight your customers by understanding their frustrations.

Actionable intelligence for everyone – customise your dashboards and reports to fit your business needs and provide data to everyone that’s clear to interpret. Identify process adherence and compliance issues to mitigate risk.

Automation & AI

Eliminate mundane tasks and speed the resolution of customer issues for better business outcomes. Free your contact centre up to innovate with intelligent self-service, agent-assisted and fully automated alerts and actions.

Provide intelligent self-service – empower your customers to resolve issues quickly and enable them to move seamlessly between self-service and agent support. Offer the right information at the right time and extend your workforce with intelligent bots and virtual agents.

Reduce the need for manual intervention – create automatic alerts and actions based on real-time information and enable agents to adapt quickly to changing conditions in the contact centre. Improve your first-call resolution with single-touch interactions and connect every service.

Free up your agents – reserve your agents for issues requiring a human by answering repetitive questions automatically. Let your agents focus on customer service, not low-level tasks and improve handle times whilst reducing after-call work.

Better way to communicate

Open Cloud Platform

Security & Reliability

CRM integrations

UCaaS integrations

Developer Ecosystem


Voice as a Service

Unparalleled Security & Reliability

With 99.9% availability and easy customisation through RESTful APIs and DEVone developer programs, alongside a whole host of pre-built integrations from ecosystem partners, the Open Cloud platform offers continuously expanded, updated and well-documented application programming interfaces. Deploy anywhere with flexible, multinational options and rely on guaranteed voice quality backed by a voice SLA.

CRM Integration

Synchronise customer data and history | Streamline contact handling | Track calls automatically in your CRM | Simplify omnichannel contact handling | Build self-service routing workflows

Personalise interactions with context

Give your agents a 360-degree view of the customer, including insights into previous interactions, regardless of channel.

  • Synchronise the interaction data and history
  • Give your agents insights into the customer journey
  • Allow agents to save and add comments to customer records

Easily deployed and maintained

Think hours, not days or weeks. Download and apply updates or upgrades when it suits your schedule.

  • Pre-built integrations are ready to deploy
  • Salesforce, Oracle, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics and more.
  • Eliminate the cost of custom integrations
  • Quick access to newly developed functionality

Increase agent efficiency and independence

Deliver a consolidated agent interface and shorten agent ramp-up and interaction handling times across all channels.

  • Integrate contact centre controls
  • Simplify omnichannel interaction handling
  • Give your agents a consolidated interface

Automate your interaction handling

With a skills based routing engine that ensures every contact is automatically delivered to the best available agent, based on agent skills, customer profile and contact centre data.

  • Leverage customer data in your CRM to optimise interactions
  • Route interactions to the best qualified agent
  • Self-service, automated workflows integrated with the CRM

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