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PCI-DSS Compliant Payment Collection Systems

We work with organisations to offer a range of PCI DSS v3.2 Level 1 compliant IVR, Contact Centre, web and SMS payment solutions, hosted in a secure data centre and trusted by hundreds of clients.

Customers include:

Satisfied Key IVR Customers
First Utility Case Study

Success Story: Shell Energy

Unify are incredibly proactive. From the word go they’ve been completely honest with us, always one step ahead and they’ve completely understood our business – it’s been very impressive” – John Booton, Head of Technical Operations

Shell Energy (formerly First Utility) are one of the biggest supplier of gas and electricity in the UK. Having grown rapidly since conception, the company had quickly outgrown their previous solution which wasn’t able to scale with the business.

The move to Unify’s solution has not only given them scalability, but delivered them a whole host of new functionality which has enabled them to improve their customer experience at a reduced cost.

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Protecting Sensitive Card Data

Being PCI compliant is more imperative than ever as organisations face increasingly large risks of experiencing a data breach which could lead to the loss of their customers sensitive payment information. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) impose huge penalties for this which are even higher now that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in effect across the UK and Europe. Whilst using Key IVR’s platform, card information isn’t processed or stored on the organisation’s network, dramatically reducing the impact if a data breach were to occur whilst improving your customers payment experience.

Cloud Contact Centre Software

Agent Assisted Payments

Help de-scope your organisation with a secure, DTMF suppressed card payments solution that allows customers to stay connected to the agent during the payment process. This is done by allowing the customer to enter their details on their device, instead of speaking them to an agent. PCI compliance is ensured throughout your organisation by making it impossible for sensitive customer data to be stored directly on their system, Key IVR ensure that your customers are at ease knowing their information is safe.

The three different routes for Agent Assisted Payments:

Route 1 is recommended for organisations with high call to payment ratio resulting in a payment, perhaps a dedicated payment department or number.

Route 1 diagram

Route 2 is recommended for organisations that have limited calls resulting in a payment but need a secure line available in seconds.

Route 1 diagram

Route 3 is recommended for organisations that have agents who will call a customer to collect a payment (E.g. chasing payments or debt).

Route 1 diagram

Mobile Payments App

Speed up payment conversion and customer convenience with the new mobile payments app which allows smart meter users to top-up their gas & electric whilst on the move. Available to download on iOS and Android, this fully branded solution provides your customers with an easy to use payment interface.

Mobile App
Cloud Contact Centre Software

Self-Service Automated IVR

A self-service solution beneficial for any organisation with a high influx of payments (Eg, debt management, parking enforcement, utility and energy suppliers, hospitality, etc). Available 24/7/365 this secure, robust payment platform operates in state-of-the-art data centres to enable your organisation to process payments at any time, dramatically reducing the time and money spent on this process. This PCI DSS v3.2 Level 1 compliant IVR is rigorously tested and aligned with your existing business systems to offer customers a painless transaction process.

Service Additions for Payment Services.

Tokenisation: Tokenise a customer’s card and they will only have to provide card details once, saving them time on regular payments and purchases. Card details are not stored anywhere outside the issuing card company.

Recurring Payments:  Offer your customers a Recurring Payment Plan with a range of payment frequencies, such as weekly, fortnightly, monthly and more. Using a Recurring Payment Plan instead of a Direct Debit allows you to re-take failed payments, restarting the plan so your customers aren’t incurring expensive Failed Direct Debit charges.

Integration Options:  Save your organisation time and money by connecting our payment solutions with your existing business logic. We have a team of talented developers who can configure a solution to suit any organisation and improve the overall functionality of the payment service. Bespoke SFTP, SOAP & Web Services available.

Nuffield Health Case Study

Success Story: Thomas Sanderson

“The Agent Assisted Payments solution has been a fantastic addition to our call centre ensuring that no card data enters our environment. As we deal with a wide demographic of customers, using their telephone keypad to pay is something they often haven’t done before. Being able to keep our customer on the phone to help them through the process of completing a card transaction has been a great way to iron out any resistance customers may have.” – Graeme McCartney, Operations Director at Thomas Sanderson

Thomas Sanderson are conservatory blinds, window shutters and window blinds specialists. They discovered that the technology involved in taking their card payments was in scope of a potential data breach and came to Key IVR for a solution. An Agent Assisted Payment platform was created, which allowed for safe transaction of card payments over the phone, achieving the highest level of PCI-DSS compliance.

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PCI Payments

Other Services Available:

Secure Web Payments

A fully-branded PCI-DSS Level 1 secure online payment portal, with a range of integration options to work hand-in-hand with your existing systems

Click 3D and Anti-fraud Services

Eliminating up to 100% charge-backs for ‘Card Not Present’ transactions, saving your organisation thousands of pounds by verifying a customer’s identity

Outbound and Click-to-Pay Services

An effective and efficient way of reaching more people in a reduced time than it would take if contact centre agents would be making outbound calls. Produce a personalised and unique URL link for each recipient to makes payments quicker and easier.

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