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Next generation, PCI compliant payment solutions

Achieving PCI compliance has never been easier, with Eckoh. Pioneers in phone, mobile and web payment technology, and with a true understanding of the PCI standard, Eckoh provide compliant solutions without sacrificing the customer experience.

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Customers include:

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A world-class, multi-channel contact centre experience to enhance your brand, deliver maximum customer and agent satisfaction and ensure profitability.

PCI payments

Live help.

Help your agents to intervene and rescue potential sales, giving customers a better experience, with Web Chat, Instant Call-back and Co-Browsing solutions. Offer personal help to multiple online customers at the same time in a cost-effective way with web chat, and use instant call back to convert more of your website visitors into paying customers and increase the value of orders. Finally, turn disappointment and missed opportunities into solid sales and a positive customer experience with co-browsing.

  • Web Chat – Provide personal care with live text chat for your web visitors in any language
  • Instant Callback-  Boost sales. Make it easy for your web visitors to request an instant call.
  • Co-Browsing-  Help customers to complete orders. Share screens securely and boost sales.


Your customers have more information channels available to them than they ever have before. They can answer questions about services and products through online automation (desktops, laptops, or mobile devices). They’ll only phone the contact centre as a last resort – expecting expert knowledge and specific information.

By providing automated solutions across both web and voice channels, there are more ways for customers to be self sufficient when making orders and purchases. These include:

  • Hosted IVR – automated call options (menus) and voice recognition systems
  • Speech Recognition – advanced voice recognition system that removes the need for IVR menus altogether
  • Visual IVR – A visual display on smart phones that interacts with traditional IVR services
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Self service
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PCI Payments

According to Gartner, 10% of all customer engagement interactions are predicted to be via live chat in 2018. The growth of Live Chat as a customer contact channel seems unstoppable — and now it’s evolving. Eckoh is the 1st Level 1 PCI DSS Services Provider to offer secure payment via Live Chat.

By giving your customers the capability to make payments from within the chat, you’ll be able to increase sales and reduce the cost of service delivery. Safeguard your customer data whilst delivering a seamless journey from enquiry to payment

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CallGuard stops sensitive card information being passed to your agents or being stored on your systems. It is also highly flexible, designed to fit around your existing compliance, fraud, risk and security procedures. Here’s how it works:

Step 1

The caller rings the contact centre to enquire about a product or service. Call recording can continue throughout the entire conversation, including taking a payment, with no requirement for pause and resume.

Step 2

The caller enters their card details using their telephone keypad. DTMF tones are intercepted by CallGuard and changed to monotones. As the customer presses the buttons the digits are masked from the agent and any screen capture software, but the agent is still on hand to assist if needed.

Step 3

The agent is notified of payment approval or rejection. At any stage of the process, the agent can cancel and start again while the customer is on the phone.

CallGuard is simplicity itself. It reduces risk and enhances compliance, it’s cost effective, simple to use, efficient and it delivers a fantastic customer experience.

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PCI Compliant Payments


The best way to keep sensitive payment card data safe is never to have the data in the first place. This is the premise of DataGuard, a simple yet incredibly effective mobile and web payment technology from Eckoh.

DataGuard uses tokens to substitute card data, meaning that transactions can be completed but the data stored is useless to anyone else but the system itself.

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