Omnichannel Support: How to Create Your Strategy

Mapping out a successful omnichannel support strategy can be tricky. Customer experience is a big priority, but how can you ensure that your contact centre is delivering the right calibre of service, irrespective of channel?

Great Omnichannel Support Starts with Self-Service

Make it fast, and keep it simple. Your customers need to be able to access answers quickly – if they’re waiting for two hours, you’ve failed them. If you start with self-service, you can guide your customers to the most suitable support avenue.  Keep customers on your site whilst freeing up your agents to deal with other, less straightforward queries. 

Let your web widgets lead the way.

If you’ve got customers who can’t find what they need, you could incorporate web widgets to give them a nudge in the right direction. Let them search for the right content without navigating away by delivering useful prompts (you’ll also be improving your help centre as queries get more specific).  A great fail-safe against the ever-impatient customer, who might be looking to navigate away from your site is an answer isn’t quickly forthcoming. 

Answer calls with context.

 Naturally, some of your contacts will begin with the phone, but other times your customers will only call you AFTER they’ve tried to get help in another way, or to just continue a more complicated conversation that began elsewhere. How and when your customers pick up the phone really depends on your business. A customer might use an online help centre to check your shipping policies, but when their order doesn’t arrive, they reach for the phone. Combining your phone support with email, chat and other channels means your agents can see all previous conversations when your customers call in. With the context to see if your customers are new or long-term, if they’re a frequent caller, a VIP, or anything else, your agents are all set to deliver a positive resolution.  

Pull it all together

Giving agents a single, unified view of the customer is always better for the customer. Through the creation of an intuitive flow from one channel to the next, you can deliver an integrated omnichannel solution. Simply put: better agent experience, happier customers. 

With the ability to make changes to your channel offerings when needed, and configure for seamless experiences from the very beginning, you can ensure your organisation is agile. Gain insights into your customer’s support journey, and optimise staffing for each channel with the capacity to see where your process breaks down, how to fix it, and how to blend your agents to better move between channels. 

Drive sales, improve service and ensure satisfied customers. 

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