Omnichannel call centre. Keep your existing platform; just add more capabilities

The Importance of Omnichannel

Odds are, if you have a contact centre, you’ve already got multi channel capability. It’s 2017, your customers want to reach out in more ways – 57% expect a choice in their contact channel – and most of us have got the message by now. It’s not that email and phone is out, but chat, self-serve, social and ‘bots’ are most definitely in. This is the era of the omnichannel call centre.

The Expense of Replacing a “Legacy” System

If you’ve got a traditional platform for your call centre, it’s probably a bit of a minefield. Enabling omnichannel capability alongside a “legacy” system often means additional hardware and software for each channel, which is both costly and complicated. Factor in integration, reporting and the customer satisfaction side of things across multiple contact channels, and things start to become exhausting. Meeting evolving expectations is tough.

But what choice do you have? Your system has a good few years left in it, and there’s no way you can afford the expense of replacing it outright. Best to wait patiently until it’s time to replace it…

The thing is, your customers aren’t patient people.

You Don’t Need to Start Over to Have a Fresh Start…

There is a solution – and it sits alongside and integrates with your current call centre platform, enhancing your contact centre performance, delivering a better customer & user experience across all channels and empowering more of your clients to self serve. Let us introduce you to Zendesk.

Keep your legacy system in place for as long as you want, extracting value whilst transforming your customer journey.

Setup takes days, not months, and the whole thing is designed to be flexible, increasing visibility of your customer interactions, boosting efficiency, and raising your revenues with data driven decisions.


Enabling self-service channels so your customers can take control of their data and access their information directly is one of the best ways to ensure compliance with the regulations surrounding data processing/privacy. With Zendesk, you could give your customers 24/7 support, with easy access to the answers they need – and you could do it without ripping out your existing system.

Sure, omnichannel is brilliant. But it needs to work for your business. With Zendesk, you can elevate your existing solution and be in the perfect position to consider taking the next step – moving beyond omnichannel and exploring features like call deflection.

Here at Unify, our team have decades of experience designing, deploying and operating some of the most complex platforms, on a global scale. Our extensive experience in omnichannel solutions enables us to fully support your digital transformation journey, so your business can focus on the future.

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