The real cost of your legacy contact centre system

You spent a lot of money some years ago on a digital contact centre, and whilst there may be newer solutions out there, yours is still doing the job just fine, thank you very much.

However, much like a new car depreciates drastically in value as soon as you drive it off the forecourt, the value of your legacy system has only one way to go – down. Whilst you think you’re doing the best for your business, you may be paying in other ways…

Conflicting Road Map for Progress

Your organisation is not static. Where you are today is not where you will be in 1, 3 or 5 years’ time. So why expect your tech to stay the same?

The last thing you or your business needs is to discover that your legacy system is limiting your ability to meet customer driven requirements. Are you able to do what you need to in terms of monitoring and managing your customer experience? Does your existing solution enable easy integration of newer elements?

Oftentimes, on-premise systems can limit the scalability and flexibility of a communications solution.

Threats to Your Infrastructure

Contact centre success You’ve got a lot to keep on top of, and whilst it may seem that an on-premise solution ensures you have control of your infrastructure, the reality is the opposite.

With mounting IT costs covering outages and downtime, additional maintenance and support, not to mention gaps in your reporting and between various applications, your legacy infrastructure could be costing you. We’re not just talking about financial costs either – these gaps and the unreliability inherent in an ineffective on-premise solution could be drastically impacting your employee efficiency.


Bloated Call Costs

If you’re a multi-site business running multiple ISDN lines, you could be spending more on calls from those multiple locations; since you’ve got to ensure there are enough channels for your peak requirements. Your legacy system could be keeping these costs inflated, whilst a move to SIP or hosted solutions could streamline the amount you’re paying out.

Insufficient and Expensive Business Continuity

How resilient is your current system? What happens when disaster strikes?

Should the worst happen, wouldn’t it be so much easier to be completely independent, irrespective of your geographical location? Don’t let your legacy solution cost you business… and be careful it isn’t costing you more money than necessary.

Often, on-premise resilience solutions are extremely cost prohibitive – so delivering continuity across multiple sites can be a quick way to rack up unwanted and highly inflated costs. Limited downtime, easy remote working, and cost effectiveness mean that SIP and hosted solutions come out on top when it comes to business continuity.

OutflankeDon't get caught out by the competitiond by your Competitors

Maintaining legacy communications systems is like treading water in the middle of a swimming race. You’ll stay afloat, sure, but your competitors will be far ahead.

If your business communications can’t scale, aren’t flexible enough and cost too much, you’ll find yourself at a big disadvantage.


So, What to Do?

At Unify Communications, we work exceedingly hard to make sure that your Comms are as scalable, flexible and cost effective as possible. Whether this means retaining your traditional PBX but using SIP trunking, using a combination of ISDN and SIP to deliver resilience across dual technologies, or delivering a bespoke cloud based solution, our focus is on providing future proof solutions.

If you’d like to speak with a member of our team to discuss your current set up, or to discuss your existing strategy, click to submit a contact request.