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Out of this world CX

Unify Communications presents an exclusive 1-day workshop exploring how businesses can deliver next-gen omnichannel customer service without compromising on quality or incurring huge cost. 

With discussions around sweating your existing technology assets, creating real “wow”moments for your customers, and powering intelligent operational decision making, this event is not to be missed. 

When: Thursday 17th October 2019, 11:00 – 17:00

Where: Upstairs @ Carousel, London

Featuring David Dagger, Marketing and Communications Director at The Institute of Customer Service, and a firsthand account of new market entrant Social Energy’s incredible journey – including how they launched their new business, and offered a re-imagined customer and agent experience.

Free to attend, the session will explore the three key areas customer service/experience professionals should consider when thinking about transformation: digital strategy, organisation and culture, and technology & tools. With sessions led by some of the leading CX technology experts, an interactive look at the modern customer journey, and insights into techniques currently employed by some of the world’s leading brands, register early to avoid disappointment.

“We’ve arrived at the intersection of elevated consumer expectations and technical possibility.” *


11:30 am: Sweat Your Assets: How to make the most of your existing technology investments. 

Russ Attwood, CEO of Unify Communications looks at key contact centre trends and why businesses seeking to deliver omnichannel CX don’t have to “bin the tin” to delight customers across every channel. Keep your legacy Avaya/Cisco/Mitel, just add Zendesk.

12:00 pm: Key Customer Service Trends 2019/20 and Why They Matter 

David Dagger, Marketing and Communications Director at The Institute of Customer Service explores the key customer service stats of 2019, gives predictions for 2020 and discusses why getting customer service right is more important than ever before.

12:45pm: Creating “Wow” moments 

Explore the most innovative, effective and downright brilliant ways organisations are using technology to power their “wow” moment.


1:45pm: Powering Your CX Strategy 

Les Henderson, CTO of disruptive new market entrant Social Energy delivers a first-hand account of their launch and rapid growth, and explores the business’ approach to digital strategy and CX in the age of omnichannel.

2:30pm: Stop Compromising on Customer Experience 

This interactive session features a live customer journey from dual perspectives (agent & customer) as we examine why reducing complexity and improving overall agent experience in the contact centre is the key to delivering great CX.

BREAK (15 mins)

3:30pm: Achieve CXellence: Driving Competitive Advantage and Fuelling Intelligent Decision Making 

How can modern contact centres can unlock crucial strategic insights and power operational decision making, without compromising the agent or customer experience?

4:00pm: Get Your CSAT Up and Your Inbound Contact Down 

Fran Fish at Mazaru explores the mystical art of customer service conversations. With some great insights into techniques used by leading brands to push up customer satisfaction scores, get more sales and wisely cut down on frustrating, service contact.  

4:30pm: Wrap up & Q&A 

4:45pm: Networking Time

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Please note:  this event is exclusively for businesses operating contact centres and is not open to third party suppliers.