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Improve the customer experience and maximise agent satisfaction with our workforce optimisation software.

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The right people, in the right place, at the right time

Your organisation needs to be sure you have the right people, in the right place, at the right time, handling customer interactions in the most appropriate way.

By leveraging an efficient workforce optimisation solution, your business can gain insights across channels for more accurate scheduling and forecasting. Optimising your contact centre performance will ensure your organisation is delivering exceptional experiences for your customers, every time. Ensuring you have the agents with the right skills picking up particular types of interaction (chat, voice, email, web etc.) and improving productivity will mean increased revenue and a competitive advantage.

Our workforce optimisation suite works in tandem with other products in our portfolio, including our workforce management solution and speech analytics software.

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Seamless, personalised service

Your customers expect a fast, seamless and highly personalised service. With our workforce optimisation solution, your contact centre can leverage the power of automation to reduce effort and improve processes. Ensuring your agents have the right skills and the necessary tools to treat each and every request with the proficiency and care your customers deserve, your business can drive success and improve operational efficiency across the contact centre.

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Intelligent Call Recording

Pair your call recording with the power of speech processing to realise more value from captured interactions. Capture, index, archive and retrieve voice, video and text interactions across numerous channels, and automate call tagging using both out of the box and customised topics. Present all interactions in one place and make it easy to listen, analyse and act. With proven reliability and various redundancy options, our workforce optimisation solution offers optional encryption management and can facilitate compliance with PCI-DSS mandates.

Additional recording solutions we could offer your contact centre include:

Interaction Recording – Face to Face Voice Interaction Recording – Recording for Public Safety 

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Getting Started with Quality Management

driving success with analytics and insights

Drive Success with the Right Insights

In order to make the most of every customer interaction, you need to empower your employees with the right guidance, insights and technology. Use our workforce optimisation software to help your regional/branch managers to mitigate compliance risks, deliver personalised customer experiences, and optimise their performance. Most organisations have limited visibility when it comes to how their employees use various systems, apps and processes to work. In an omnichannel environment, this is an even bigger challenge. To identify issues, gain insights into quality customer service and to ensure your contact centre is managing risk surrounding data privacy and security, our solution can help.

Get greater visibility into how your teams are using their different systems and identify opportunities for enhanced efficiency, cost and quality with desktop and process analytics. By developing a uniform, standardised framework for the processes, people and technology within your organisation, you can access shared intelligence and unlock higher levels of service. Using our workforce optimisation solution to power integration, modernisation and automation, you can increase agent productivity, drive consistency and reduce costs.

Make Every Agent Your Best Agent

Automated quality management can enable your organisation to fully automate the entire QM process, from assigning coaching through to scoring evaluations. Score up to 100% of recorded calls, and shift resources from manual tasks to activities of higher value – like analysing calls and focusing on coaching. With a single, unified application for accessing and reviewing recorded interactions across phone, chat and video, you can select and evaluate large numbers of interactions based on a whole host of factors.

Not ready to do it all at once? Don’t panic! With our workforce optimisation solution, you’re free to introduce automation at your own pace. The flexibility inherent in the solution means your teams can auto score questions either on a limited basis or for all of your calls.

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