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A workforce management solution that can handle the complexities of your modern contact centre, including staff forecasting, scheduling and optimization, agent involvement and administration, intraday management, reporting and performance management.

Eliminate the guesswork.

Planning shifts isn’t just about numbers anymore; it’s about which agents should be where and when, based on both their skillset and the forecast for demand – all based on valuable previous insights.

We haven’t forgotten that the success of a business relies on satisfied customers, and the whole concept of workforce management is not only designed to improve the effectiveness of your business but also to empower you to consistently deliver exceptional service. And the best thing is that you’re continually learning, so as things change or if anything unexpected happens our solution will alert you and suggest a revised plan of action.

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What is Workforce Management?


Get 110% from your assets

Recording calls and agent screens is great for peace of mind if you ever get a complaint, can be handy when it comes to staff training and is just generally a good ‘just in case we need it’ type resource to have. But why stop there? You’re spending a lot of money on capturing and storing this information, why not make the most of it?

The challenge that many businesses face is around how to analyse this intel and interpret it. Our quality management tools perform regular, automatic evaluations of information and present you with findings from across the board – allowing you to unlock the value within these assets without moving a muscle!

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Dramatically improve the effectiveness of agent coaching by using live monitoring to learn about your agent’s performance in real time, giving you the ability to provide instant advice which’ll be much easier for your agents to understand.

Managing and motivating your agents is key when it comes to productivity levels, how passionate they are and therefore the standard of service that they deliver. Through listening to active calls or even viewing an agent’s desktop, you can easily give each and every one of them the attention that they deserve, and maximise the value of any feedback thanks to commenting on things ‘there and then.’

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