Cloud Contact Centre Software for your Salesforce CRM

Make calls and manage interactions seamlessly, without losing the context you need to make your conversations exceptional.

Delight your agents and deliver connected customer experiences.

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(CTI) Computer Telephony Integration for Salesforce

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With Serenova, it’s never been simpler to link your voice channel to your other interaction channels. This isn’t your average cloud telephony platform – this is contact centre software built with your customers in mind.

Transform your customer service interactions. Interconnect the functionality of your Salesforce CRM and your contact centre. Make it easy for your teams to access relevant customer information without switching between applications, and ensure all information is front and centre.

Skylight for Salesforce

Easy to use and respond across multiple channels.

Pivot easily from one channel to another as needed. With integrated interaction panels, your agents can respond rapidly across phone, email, chat, Facebook messenger and SMS.

Keep your customer information front and centre.

Give your agents a clear view of the most essential information, and keep your customers’ complete interaction history across every channel, in one place.

Eliminate wasted time.

Help to minimise the time your agents spend on completing the most common functions. With messaging templates and scripts to ensure consistent quality, improve the speed and accuracy of your customer service.

Combine your Contact Centre and your CRM

Don’t use Salesforce? No problem! If your CRM has an open API, we can integrate

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The Key Benefits of Skylight for Salesforce

  • Single, integrated agent workspace
  • Direct application configuration
  • Designed by the business for the business
  • Rapid development
  • Built-in business logic for complex event processing
  • Autocreation of Salesforce cases triggered from Skylight
  • Industry leading omnichannel routing engine
  • Visual design of the customer and agent experience
  • Visually map the customer journey across channels 
  • Quick deployment
  • Process and application alignment ensures the CX is executed “as designed”
  • Auto updating of interaction and customer journey details from Skylight into Salesforce

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Seamless Experience Means Self-Service

By integrating your Salesforce with our cloud contact centre solution, you can extend your self-service capabilities to empower your customers and your customer service employees equally.

The companies doing customer service best are enhancing customer-facing and employee facing applications – optimising their CX strategy with IT as a strategic partner to transform their approach to data, insights and experiences.

88% of IT professionals say the top 2 reasons their organisation uses Salesforce is for customer acquisition and retention.

[IBM State of Salesforce Report]

Salesforce Serenova integration

Intelligent Routing

Leverage intelligent call routing to determine call flows and direct interactions to the most suitable agent. By integrating your voice and other channels, you can give your agents a context-rich experience and apply pre-determined rules to route your interactions.

With voice and non-voice routing at your fingertips, you’ll be able to deliver personalised experiences to all customers – irrespective of channel.

  • Prioritised Call Lists

  • Dynamic & Skills Based Conversation Routing

  • Full Interaction History

  • Preferred Customers

Clear Voice Quality

Delivered across a global infrastructure based in AWS, Serenova’s cloud platform enables clear, high quality conversations, whilst ensuring security, reliability and scalability. Basing the systems in the cloud means services are designed to scale up seamlessly – removing any need to touch the core infrastructure.

Work Effectively Across Every Channel

Salesforce Integration

Access information quickly and easily

Use the customer’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to access the contact’s user/interaction information from Salesforce. Can’t find a match? Choose an assignment action from a list of possible matches or manually link a record.

Keep things easy for your customer service agents.

Make outbound calls or send SMS directly from user records within Salesforce. Open an embedded widget within the Salesforce Agent Desktop, click the user’s contact details and initiate an interaction.

  • With automated call surveys, you can capture feedback in a single click.
  • Cloud-based integration via Salesforce managed package means you can be sure you’ll always be up to date with the latest capabilities.

Create Exceptional Customer Experiences

Instant access to cross channel interaction history

Automatic new ticket generation

Clearly visible icon channel indicators with hover-over details

Embedded voice tools with transfer and conference capabilities

Ability to switch channels during interaction

Screen pop based on Caller ID (ANI), email, case or other key parameters

Embedded link to call recording

Interaction details posted directly within Salesforce

Allow agents to take and place calls without leaving Salesforce

Drive Insights

Make Customer Journey Mapping Simple.

With full visibility within Salesforce, your agents can view the entire interaction history – including call recordings and chat transcripts.

Guided Interactions.

With scripting and messaging templates, improve your first call resolution and increase agent proficiency by guiding the way they communicate with your customers.

Increase Efficiency.

Automated data sharing between your Salesforce CRM and your contact centre means you’ll need fewer agents to handle the same volume of communications.

Real Time Feedback.

With customisable agent metrics built directly into the Skylight footer you’ll be able to get real time feedback.

Fewer Tools.

Your contact centre is embedded inside Salesforce – meaning your agents can work from a single interface to address customer expectations.

True Cloud.

With no infrastructure footprint for your CRM and your contact centre you can reduce your operational costs and focus on what you do best.

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