Seamless Omnichannel Customer Experience in the Cloud

When it comes to support, your customers expect you to make things easy. With our cloud based omnichannel support solution, you can keep things simple. Our omnichannel solution makes engaging with your business effortless.

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The Omnichannel Challenge:

Are you faced with the challenge of managing multiple contact channels across your business?

Oftentimes, without an omnichannel strategy, providing support to your customers across many different channels is complicated and expensive. It doesn’t have to be!

With our omnichannel contact centre solution you’ll break down siloed communications channels and tools, creating a joined-up customer experience.

Customer expectations are higher than they’ve ever been before, and creating a great customer experience irrespective of channel is essential. You can help your team to meet expectations with an engagement model that allows them to move with the customer, and to shift in time with their needs, preferences, and changing expectations.

Ideal for:

Phone – Email – Live Chat – Self Service – Social Media


Avoid a frustrating customer experience with a clear omnichannel strategy.

When channels are served by different agents using different systems, customers are forced to explain their issue – and every step they’ve already taken to resolve it – to everyone they reach. Understandably, this creates unhappy customers.

What if you could follow those interactions from start to finish? Our omnichannel solution allows you to keep all conversations connected through a central hub and shared history. With a strong omnichannel strategy, your business can meet your customers where they are and gleam intelligence from every interaction.

First Utility Case Study
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Omnichannel experiences that tick all the boxes

Call deflection through self service

Increased sales opportunities

 Improved Customer Satisfaction

 Long term growth through customer loyalty

Build fully personalised experiences for your customers

 Simplified agent experience

 Limitless scalability

Read the Inner Circle Guide to Cloud Based Contact Centre Solutions

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Want to protect your legacy investment?

Keep your existing CRM, just add omnichannel capability

With our cloud solution, you can deliver a true omnichannel experience without replacing your existing call centre platform. Whether you operate an Avaya, CISCO, Mitel, or any other traditional call centre platform, enabling omnichannel capability often means buying and integrating different technologies across each channel. Factor in complex integration, management overhead, disparate reporting, the challenging user and customer experience, and you’re faced with a complicated (and costly) project.

Our omnichannel solution sits alongside and integrates with your current call centre platform, enhancing your contact centre performance, delivering a better customer & user experience across all channels and empowering more of your clients to self serve. If you’re looking for a way to deliver omnichannel without replacing your existing infrastructure, we can deliver.

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Looking for a complete voice and channel replacement? 

Enable exceptional customer experiences from start to finish with our sophisticated omnichannel contact centre solution.

Drastically reduce the complexity and frustration associated with legacy tools and unlock better insight into data and performance than ever before. Our solution leverages the industry’s most massively open API architecture, meaning your organisation is free to effortlessly integrate with existing systems and instantly scale to meet demand. Delight your customers without sacrificing performance, reliability, or security.

Learn more about moving to the cloud and see how you could increase scalability, flexibility and cut costs with a cloud contact centre.

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Significant Telco Fee Savings

With our cloud contact centre solution, you won’t need to worry about call quality & call latency. By using API commands to queue and route calls, you can reduce the number of call legs by up to 50%. Calls never leave the PBX, which means better performance and significant savings in monthly telco fees.

Future Ready:

The great benefit of API-first architecture is that it supports both out-of-the-box and custom integrations with current third-party applications (and whatever comes next). This means that you can maintain flexibility and leverage to negotiate and accommodate carriers and technologies that may be needed to scale your organisation in the future. RESTful APIs offer unmatched flexibility, composability, and integration quality.

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If you’d like to see our omnichannel solution in action, or if you want to learn more about how we can help your contact centre to deliver exceptional service across every channel, submit a contact request and our specialist team will be in touch.


Our omnichannel solutions are powered by NICE inContact, Zendesk and Serenova