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Why move your contact centre to the cloud?

There are so many reasons why, in this day and age, cloud is the way to go. Here’s some information on just a few of them:

With no hardware or software hosted on-premise, you can be up and running in as little as days. Deploying a cloud-based solution is a lot cheaper, too! In addition, our platform is so easy to use that it requires much less training than an average solution – another time and money saver.
Scale up or down to support changes in demand or unforeseen circumstances in just minutes. You’ll be able to make most changes yourselves given how easy it is to configure – and given that you can get access anytime, anywhere and in an instant you don’t even have to be at your desk!
Every user of the platform is on the same version, and this version can be automatically updated from the supplier’s side without disruption. This means that every customer instantly gains access to the latest features, most advanced technologies and security enhancements as they’re released, so you benefit from huge amounts of innovation.

Your data is stored in enterprise-class facilities, with multiple options around data sovereignty to address regulatory and compliance requirements. The architecture of our platforms simplifies disaster recovery & business continuity planning.

Our partner’s multi-tenant cloud architecture runs to strict SLAs based on call availability with no scheduled downtime (24×7, 99.9% availability…!). There’s round-the-clock monitoring to ensure the security and integrity of customer data, protect against security threats and prevent any nasties from ever getting close to your data.

How this is the case has pretty much already been covered by the previous points; no expensive hardware to maintain on-premise, no updates to run in order to access new features and so on. We’re experts in our field, so save yourself the headache and put those responsibilities in a trusted partner’s hands by moving to the cloud!

Thanks to the lack of hardware, reduced third party costs, ease of use/lack of training required and scalability, you’ll very quickly get a return on your investment when you implement one of our cloud solutions. You’ll also never spend a penny more than you need to, so your valuable budget will go that bit further.

With so much of your operational data consolidated and instantly accessible, you can identify trends and opportunities that may have previously been missed (and make instant enhancements).

Given these benefits, and many more that we haven’t been able to list here we do recommend a ‘move to the cloud’ wherever possible. We understand however that for some businesses that isn’t possible, so we’ve got a great on-premise multimedia contact centre solution on offer too. To establish which would be the way to go for your business, have a chat with one of our specialists who will learn about your organisation and make an informed recommendation.

We can make moving to the cloud simple! 

At Unify, we’re experts in contact centre transformation – particularly when it comes to moving your contact centre to the cloud. We adopt a phased approach to transformation projects, ensuring they run smoothly. 

Transformation Process

What to consider when moving your contact centre to the cloud?

There are myriad reasons to move your contact centre to the cloud. But there are several factors to bear in mind before launching a transformation project. Making sure that the cloud contact centre solution you choose will meet your organisation’s needs and deliver the results you want is essential.

Not sure where to start?

We’ve included some examples of the questions you should be considering when launching a transformation project.

  • How are call transfers going to work between your front and back office?
  • To what extent do you need to deliver an end-to-end customer experience?
  • Will you need your new platform to integrate with your existing software/PBX?
  • What effect would changing devices and handsets have on your back-office operations?
  • Does your platform need to support specific seasonality (ensuring your contact centre can meet seasonal demand)?
  • Is there a need to plan for specialised groups of agents (skills based routing etc.)?
  • How are features available within the platform – are they transferable between agents or hard linked to named users?
  • What about extra features? Are they available as part of an integrated, tiered approach?
  • How does your platform reduce latency?
  • Can you monitor your performance in real time?

Remember: your transformation project is going to affect more than one department. Considering the project in its full context within your organisation is really important – you don’t want to miss anything!

First Utility Case Study: Moving to the cloud

Success Story: Shell Energy

Unify are incredibly proactive. From the word go they’ve been completely honest with us, always one step ahead and they’ve completely understood our business – it’s been very impressive” – John Booton, Head of Technical Operations

Shell Energy (formerly First Utility) are an energy provider who have grown extremely rapidly.The company quickly outgrew their previous solution which just wasn’t able to scale with the business.

The move to Unify’s solution has not only given them scalability, but delivered them a whole host of new functionality which has enabled them to improve their customer experience at a reduced cost.

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