With a cloud contact centre, you can keep your voice, email, SMS, social & webchat interactions in one place.

No matter how your customers get in touch, provide them with a seamless experience with our cloud contact centre solution. Managing all key interactions from one place, it dramatically streamlines your operations; making it far easier for your agents to deliver a standard of customer service that’ll make you proud.

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A true cloud solution

Our cloud contact centre solution is ‘truly cloud’ meaning it’s highly scalable, reliable, secure and very efficient. Thanks to how flexible it is, you can adapt instantly no matter the size of your business, location or the number of channels that you use. On top of all of the other benefits this means that you only ever pay for what you use, making it cost-effective with a huge return on investment.

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Why move your contact centre to the cloud?

There are so many reasons why contact centres can benefit from a move to the cloud. Think faster deployment, greater security, effortless innovation, and so much more.

Cloud Contact Centre

Real-time Data – True Cloud – Operational Advantage – Single Platform – Empowered Agents

Cloud contact centre solutions

The Inner Circle Guide to Cloud Contact Centres

The Inner Circle Guides are a series of analyst reports investigating key customer contact solutions. This Guide aims to give a detailed and definitive view of the reality of the implementing and using cloud contact centre technologies – including an appraisal of the vendors and products available and a view on what the future holds.

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Simplifying your contact centre

By managing all interactions through one platform you can hugely simplify key processes, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your staff and keep your customers happy with ease. Changes in channel traffic volumes can be easily catered for, a customer’s full history is always visible to the agent dealing with them and it’s far easier for people to multitask.

Get integrated

Integrate with your CRM system, WFM solution and use APIs to satisfy any additional requirements. This completely joined-up approach ensures that your back and front-office operations are always perfectly aligned, unlocks more great features for you to make use of and ensures that you always get a 360° view from one place.

Nuffield Health

Success Story: Nuffield Health

The extent to which the platform is helping us to improve the customer experience has far exceeded expectations” – Lucy Balmer, Head of Contact Centres

Nuffield were looking for technology to support all of their UK contact centres, freelance staff/home-workers and hospitals. They couldn’t run their contact centre how they wanted to on their previous platform, running into various issues in terms of reliability, lack of functionality and poor communications from their previous provider.

Since becoming a Unify customer they’ve quickly reaped the benefits of being more dynamic, optimising their processes as they learn from key insights and really being able to have an impact on the customer experience.

Create memorable customer experiences in the cloud

Exceptional customer experiences powered by cloud solutions. Deliver a unified experience that will enable you to support your customers through every step of their journey.


Empowering your agents

Interacting across all channels from a single workspace, embedded in your CRM or as a standalone toolbar makes your agent’s lives so much easier. Suddenly, every engagement instantly has context and they’re able to satisfy requests much more quickly; benefiting you with a new and improved level of productivity, and giving them more job satisfaction.

Informed decision making

Thanks to all of the above, plus the platform’s own great reporting functionality it’s easy to gain real and actionable insights whenever you need them. Both real-time and historical data are readily available, so whether it’s an important decision that you’re facing or you just want to do a routine review of your KPIs you can access the information in seconds.

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Our Technology Solutions for Your Cloud Contact Centre

At Unify Communications, we’re specialists in combining best of breed vendor technologies to deliver the optimal cloud contact centre for you. We know that there’s no single solution, which is why we work closely with you to determine the very best approach to your organisation. For contact centres in the cloud, we have two main solutions – you can learn more about each of them below.

Serenova Cloud Contact Centre

Serenova envisions a world where customer experiences are so fluid and effortless that they’re simply taken for granted. They’re building that world with software that connects data, people, and brands for brighter interactions, insights, and outcomes.

Zendesk Cloud Contact Centre Solution

Zendesk’s cloud contact centre solution allows contact centres to be more reliable, flexible, and scalable, enabling your business to build the best experience for your customers. Make your customer service stand out.

CXEngage Product Sheet

Download the product sheet to learn more.

Download the product sheet to learn more.

Zendesk cloud contact centre product sheet

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