08 or 03 numbers?

Cut costs whilst keeping customers happy by switching to an 03 customer service number instead of your 08. Still free for customers, much more cost effective for you.

08 numbers vs 03

Why switch from an 08 number to an 03?

If you receive inbound calls to your contact centre, chances are you’ve got an 08 number. What if we told you there was a cheaper alternative?

Still free for your customers to call, but better for your organisation, both in cost and resilience. With our inbound platform, you can regain control of routing, disaster recovery and stability, whilst keeping your customers happy.

Why are 03 numbers cheaper than 08 numbers? 

Typically, an organisation will pay a pence per minute charge to receive calls on both 03 and 08 numbers. However, on 08 numbers there is an additional “mobile levy” for calls from mobiles which in turn makes these numbers less attractive than 03 numbers.

The cost to dial an 03 number from a landline is charged at the national rate. Mobile carriers will vary; however, the reality is that consumers today will unlikely pay a ppm cost for dialling an 03 service as they are inherently bundled into both landline and mobile tariffs along with 01 and 02, making it an excellent customer service option.

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