Worried about Avaya’s recent Chapter 11? There are bigger things to worry about….

By Simon Furber

Myself and the team at Unify Communications understand the Avaya world; between us, we’ve got decades of experience both working for and managing Avaya’s largest UK users and partners. There’s some great technology and people there, but the ongoing distraction is impacting both new developments and the retention of key talent.

In light of the bankruptcy news, Avaya customers may well be thinking that they should delay making changes or investments and wait to see what’s going to happen. That’s certainly happened before – there is a lot more Nortel kit still in use today than anyone would have expected before its own Chapter 11 back in 2009.

And this is where the problem lies.

While you wait, your competition is investing in new technologies to get closer to their customers and become far more efficient in terms of their operations. A key enabler in achieving this is the rapid adoption of pure SaaS platforms, bringing enterprise-grade resilience and security to your communications with a commercial flexibility that is unprecedented.

Over the last few months we’ve seen numerous scenarios where a full cloud approach has left traditional vendors without a response:

Financial services ISA season scale up – Imagine being able to grow your contact centre by 400% for a matter of weeks, self-configured and without external professional services – with the ability to scale back down again immediately after the event, paying nothing for that extra capacity for the rest of the year – all in a regulated environment.

Agile feature improvement – Getting a new feature added to a traditional platform is an opaque and extended process. Some of our partners release weekly updates, bringing new and often customer-driven features on a regular basis for no additional cost.

Eliminating call costs from the office, the home and the field – By providing fully unmetered service to both landline and mobile across 120 countries, we can bring certainty and significant savings when it comes to costs. In outbound-heavy sectors like recruitment we’ve delivered savings of 80%, while providing a better candidate experience and improved resilience.

Conferencing that works – bringing together disparate systems for audio and video conferencing, extending to any device without usage fees.

Standing behind our commitments – financially underwritten reliability to 99.999% or inclusive and underwritten fraud management.

At Unify Communications, we integrate the leading enterprise cloud platforms to give a tailored, advised and expertly delivered solution to meet your individual businesses’ needs. The recent Chapter 11 announcement is not the issue with Avaya, or indeed platforms like it – it’s the fundamental underlying structure, holding its users back from keeping up with the industry as it evolves.

Organisations need to tread boldly in these uncertain times and not risk being left even further behind and wasting even more capital; it’s a no brainer.


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