Build user engagement, develop self-sufficiency and make training your staff simple.

Build user engagement

Any significant change to your communications infrastructure is not only an investment in technology, but also in re-educating your staff. Our experience tells us that the most successful projects are those where the users themselves buy-in to the changes taking place.

Unify builds user engagement in to our implementation process, so that users at all levels feel involved and become aware of the new technology at an early stage. With techniques such as demos, webinars and pilot schemes, we build awareness and knowledge from the start, making the training process much simpler.

Our training services begin with the creation of a bespoke training plan, which incorporates all users, all sites and all technology. We can offer flexible delivery methods to suit requirements and budget, such as online or on-site, and we provide documentation and ongoing support as well. With our ‘train-the-trainer’ service, we show you how to train new users, giving you greater self-sufficiency and budget control.

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